Turn your home into an elderly-friendly space

People growing old or living with their elderly parents or grandparents may require a home setup appropriate for senior citizens. It’s true that when you grow older, you grow fragile and need assistance from younger family members. Easy tasks like getting up from a chair, climbing stairs, opening door knobs, or reaching the tops of high shelves can turn overwhelming for the elderly.

This article will give you some useful tips to turn your home into an elderly-friendly space so that senior family members can feel safer and comfy when they’re home.

Have a less crowded and simple layout

Revamp your living room in such a way that the elderly members can navigate it easily without knocking over or bumping into furniture. Pick a de-cluttered and clean design that ensures a spacious and comfortable passage. L-shaped sofas and a round center table are a great combination to allow free passage while keeping an elegant feel to the living room.

On a side note, smaller furnishing sofas like puffy sofas are handy and occupy low space for someone interested in resting their feet when lounging around.

Pick high furniture

Usually, low-height furniture makes it difficult for elders to sit down or get up with no additional assistance. Therefore, the ideal choice is higher furniture pieces in living rooms and bedrooms or spaces where they like to spend their time lounging and sitting.

Mount grab bars

A bathroom without any additional support can be dangerous for older adults since they are prone to falling or slipping, which can become potentially fatal. People over the age of 65 have higher chances of getting injuries related to getting on and off the toilet seat. Grab bars are a necessity for older people since they act as a form of assistance for them when getting up or sitting down.

Have slip-resistant floors

As discussed earlier, fall incidents can be fatal for aged people. Keeping a slip-resistant floor is the ideal approach to an elderly-friendly space. Wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom are hazardous zones. Installing an anti-slip floor is excellent for minimizing the risk of accidents and making these spaces secure.

On a side note, you can consider placing non-slip rubber mats on your floor if the flooring is not an option.

Installing lever-style hardware

Younger people need no effort in twisting a doorknob, but it’s another story for the elderly. This task can be challenging and painful for elders with arthritis or other health conditions that inhibit their movements. A great fix for this problem is switching out doorknobs with lever-style door handles, making their lives much easier.

Lever-style hardware is a great option for kitchen sinks and wash basin faucets. Furthermore, using a lever-style design, rocker switches can be a great addition to your home. They can be found in most markets and are more effective than traditional toggle light switches.

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