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Are you renovating or building a new home and looking for a reputable electrician? JNA Electrical QLD will provide a stress free and efficient process to help you. From installation of LED Lighting solutions, kitchen lights, pendant lighting, ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, to rewiring a house, upgrading a switchboard, or installation of data & communications for your TV, Internet, power points, bathroom heaters or exhaust fans, we are experienced at improving your home’s energy efficiency whilst enhancing its aesthetic appeal. We can provide you with top of the range home security, home automation, including audio visual installation and lighting solutions that will have you LOVE living at home.


New Homes
We provide Design, Advice and Electrical Roll-outs for new homes around the Brisbane region. With a detailed approach, we find the compromise between design and practicality to suit your every situation and budget.

Renovations & Electrical Rewiring
Our team also focuses on house renovations, from simple upgrades and extensions to full home rewiring, our team has you covered


An electrical switchboard is the nerve center of you homes electrical system.

Do you know the difference between Fuses / Circuit Breakers and Safety Switches (RCD’s)?

A fuse or circuit breaker is there to protect the assets, being cables, power outlets and lights in an overcurrent situation – but it doesn’t protect people in fault situations. Safety switches are designed to protect people and turn the power off quickly when they detect a small current flow from live conductors to earth in fault scenarios and they are proven to save lives.

Lots of older houses still have the older style fuse-wire switchboards. When a circuit becomes overloaded the fuse wire melts and stops the flow of electricity to the circuit, protecting your wiring and minimizing your risk of electric shock. While fuse-wire may be effective if installed and maintained correctly, it is an outdated method that needs to be replaced to comply with the Australian Standard AS3000. Fuse wire can take several minutes to melt which is enough time for a fire to start also.

JNA Electrical QLD has installed hundreds of electrical switchboards and can provide you with the right advice to keep your electrical system safe and reliable.

JNA Electrical Qld can also install timers into your switchboard for use with electric storage hot water systems so you are getting the best use of your solar generation and further reducing your power bills. We can also install other items into switchboards like surge protection. When a power surge hits your house it tends to affect the electronics in your house. When these surges hit it normally involves some heartache in replacing items and it is costly. So why not install surge diverters to give you some extra protection.


What we do…
  • LED Downlights installation and replacements
  • Safety switch installations
  • Fault finding & repairs
  • Switch board upgrades
  • Power points (indoor or outdoor)
  • Exhaust fans
  • TV outlets & Antenna installations
  • Light installation and repairs
  • Energy efficiency (LED light conversions)
  • Outdoor lights
  • Sensor lights
  • Stoves, cook tops & ovens (installation & repairs)
  • Smoke alarms (Installation and testing)
  • Phones and data
  • Ceiling fans
  • Hot water systems (electrical installation & repairs, and timer installations to utilise your solar generation)
  • Pool Circuits (including connection to ‘Off Peak’ Tariff 33 supply, or timed systems to utilise your solar generation)
  • No Job too small
  • Bathroom 3 in 1 lights, heaters and fans.
  • Sheds and outbuildings wiring.
  • Pre purchase house inspection and testing.

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